Up to £330bn investment needed in UK energy infrastructure by 2030

There is lots of talk on how energy prices are going to keep going up.  Well here is another report on just that topic.  Micro generation can help with infrastructure problems as it reduces the pressure on the grid and has a value in doing so, sometimes cited in the region of 6+p per unit.  In addition of course people producing their own power are sheltered from increasing prices and potential supply problems if set up correctly.

New report highlights need for up to £330bn investment in UK energy market infrastructure to secure supply, hit carbon emissions reduction targets and protect UK economy by 2030
- UK businesses urged to act now to prepare for three potential scenarios by 2030

The urgent need for up to £330bn of investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure to ensure a secure energy supply, meet carbon emissions reduction targets and protect the UK economy by 2030, is highlighted in a new report from The London School of Economics and Political Science released today (8 November 2012).

''On a global scale - It will take trillions of dollars of investment to develop and extract the fuels and build the infrastructure to satisfy expanding consumption while maintaining baseline production.''

The npower Future Report - ‘Energy and the economy: The 2030 outlook for UK businesses’ - reflects upon the need for a balanced focus on economic growth and investment in the energy infrastructure to deliver a low carbon and strong UK economy.

It also calls on businesses to act now to ensure they are protected for the future.  Are you ?