Climate change at Westminster

Courtesy of Caplor energy - Last week I had the pleasure of attending a reception hosted by BPVA at the House of Commons. This presented an opportunity not only to further my knowledge of the renewable energy sector, which has been stimulated by our recent joint project application, but also to experience the very heart and home of Politics.

When the possibility to apply for funding to support a collective energy saving and efficiency scheme arose, Fownhope Parish Council was keen to develop a proposal which would provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the community.  As a trusted and leading, local business Caplor Energy are the natural partner and provided valuable specialist input for the application and to execute the programme if we are successful.  We have also linked with our carbon reduction group - Fownhope CRAG, to develop an even more deliverable solution.
During the reception Greg Barker (Energy and Climate Change Minister) and Caroline Flint (Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change) both stated the government’s commitment to sourcing renewable energy and more importantly, reducing costs to the consumer. 
The profile of these concerns has been raised on a local level and all of us including Parish Councils can look to address them with help from local partners.  Legislative developments from Westminster are continuing to positivly enable local councils to take a much more active role within the community and the benefits of working with local businesses should not be missed in delivering these opportunities.

Climate change has been identified as the issue that will be our most significant challenge in this century and along with it the effects of Population and energy needs.  The project development with Caplor and CRAG plus hearing first hand from the ministers at Westminster has really challenged me to stop and think about what we all can and must do.

Mel Preedy Clerk to Fownhope and Implementation officer HALC