UK public ‘unaware’ of Green Deal, says report

The green deal - much debated in energy circles does not appear to be very evident in the public mind, this is our experience at Caplor and would seem to be reflected in this survey.

As much as 96% of the UK’s population has not heard of or does not understand the Green Deal, the government’s flagship energy efficiency scheme that is due to launch early next year.

In a survey by Rexel, 61% of UK adults said they had not heard of the Green Deal while 35% did not understand it.

This was in spite of three quarters of survey respondents saying they were concerned by rising energy bills and almost 70% saying they were interested in making energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

The first consumer finance scheme for the Green Deal is due to go live on January 28, but a lack of awareness threatens to hold the initiative back.

“With more than nine in ten adults confessing that they have never heard of or don’t understand the Green Deal, it’s no wonder that [Energy Minister] Greg Barker was recently forced to admit that that no assessments had been carried out and only 12 providers have signed up to the scheme to date.”

For a programme that is about / is live (spot our own confusion) this does not auger terribly well.  What to do Govt ?