Solar’s key role in UK Renewable Roadmap

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has welcomed the publication of government’s updated Renewables Roadmap. The updated strategy lists solar as a key technology for the first time ever.

As such, solar is now recognised by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) as one of the main technologies that will help the UK meet its 2020 15% renewable energy target.

To reflect solar’s new position as a key renewable technology, DECC will be publishing a dedicated solar strategy this year, a move that the STA has long been calling for. Paul Barwell, Chief Executive of the STA, commented: ‘‘The Renewables Roadmap shows that solar PV is now fully recognised as a significant contributor to the UK’s renewables mix.''

“We’d go further and say solar PV will be a heavy-lifter in the UK’s broader energy mix.  We’re going to be a lot cheaper than CCS and nuclear in the 2020s.  It’s therefore absolutely right that solar has its own dedicated strategy, as gas now has, and we look forward to working with DECC on this.”