Why cheaper is not better - Certianly with long term Solar decisions

Solar Pv must be unique in the fact that one of the main components namely panels come with a 25 year generation warranty.

At Caplor - since we began our involvement in system design and supply we have tried to get clients to really think about this fact, and thus the influence that it has on the company you may choose to deal with and the products you ask them to install.

The Solar market litteraly exploded in 2011 and the number of approved installers rose from some 200 in the UK to almost 5000, whilst globally the availability of different equipment also grew - not by such a large amount thankfully.

We have pointed out during all this time that surely it is prudent to work with a company that has a proven history of being in business and is strong enough and dedicated to it's area and industry to be around during the life of your system, that will be beyond the basic 25 year guarantee's and also use products from suppliers that will equally stand the test of time.

This report to day on recent changes to company numbers in just China clearly support this view and will hopefully encourage would be Solar clients to think long and hard about the company and the equipment they purchase.

It is true as a general rule but seems truer than ever applied here- In general (and I say generally) you get what you pay for. 

Panel price declines in 2012, driven by industry overcapacity throughout the PV supply chain, forced over 350 companies in China, from equipment suppliers, polysilicon producers to module manufacturers, to stop operations entirely, according to market research firm ENF.

ENF said that a significant influx of new entrants in 2011 led to the number of Chinese manufacturing companies directly involved in the PV industry increasing from 807 to 901.

However, in 2012 the number of companies exiting the sector due primarily to bankruptcy was close to 300, reducing the number of players to 704.

The number of Chinese module manufacturers also declined by 170 from 624 in 2011 to 454 by the end of 2012.

We would urge you to purchase products that are from the big suppliers (they are often refered to as Tier 1) and to deal with companies clearly like us (I would say that, wouldn't I) that have demonstrated the test of time and a genuine devotion to the industry.  Caplor has traded at it's current location since 1923 !!

Solar offers a whole raft of excellent opportunity for those choosing to install and with continually rising energy prices and the availability of good govt backed financial incentives plus the clear and vital commitment needed to protect an environment we and our children can live in - There is little reason not to join the energy revolution !