650,000 solar panels declared fire risk

The point is made pretty regularly that throughout history - in the long run generally you get what you pay for.  This is true of ''cheap meat'' and is certainly true of a long term 30 plus year renewable investment.  In recent months; Govt have pointed this out, the office of fair trading and solar trade bodies.  So here is a great example - cheap solar panels from a now bankrupt company !!

Panels from ''tier 1'' suppliers and professionally installed (service, technical and genuine warranty) will offer decades of strong income stream and environmental benefit - Nag as I am, as a public we have been advised.  Over 30 years what is a modest cost difference to ensure peace of mind ?

Up to 650,000 Scheuten ‘Multisol’ PV modules supplied between August 2009 and February 2012 have been manufactured with an alleged design flaw in the junction boxes.

The NVWA advise that there have been 15 fires across Europe directly attributed to faulty modules manufactured by the now-bankrupt Scheuten Solar Holding.

Last March, a new company, Scheutuen Solar Solutions, took over all commercial activities of the defunct Scheuten Solar Holding. Scheuten Solar Solutions is a completely separate company that has no legal liability over the faulty junction boxes.