Clegg's opinion - Green economy, "massive opportunity"

Nick Clegg gave his own ringing endorsement of the green economy, insisting sustainability and economic growth "go hand in hand".

The Deputy Prime Minister appeared before the Liaison Committee of MPs to answer questions on the government's green record, just a day after David Cameron made his positive comments and sandwiched around news that 80% of the ''voting''  public give their positive support.  Given that renewable energy so clearly stacks up on economic, environmental and social measures, one has to then ask, given that the public wants a sustainable renewable driven future and both of our leaders are on side then - ''whats the hold up?''

Still however we find, Clegg has to admit how different departments do not necessarily share the same interpretation of the coalition's pledge to be the "greenest government ever".

"There is debate between those who see the green agenda as an impediment to the economy and those who see it as a necessary ingredient for growth," he added. "The Prime Minister and I share the conviction that sustainability and growth go hand in hand."

Clegg went on to back the government's oft-criticised environmental credentials. He said it was easy to overlook "radical" green policies such as the introduction of the £3bn Green Investment Bank, the Green Deal, and new mandatory carbon reporting for businesses, set to be introduced later this year.  That will be the green deal that over 90% of the public simply don't get and if they do can get the money far cheaper and without strings attached at almost any high street bank.

Facing at times hostile questioning from MPs, Clegg also pledged to ensure the fourth carbon budget is not watered down when the target is reviewed next year.

Clegg defended the decision that saw him represent the UK at the Rio +20 summit last summer, rather than Cameron, saying the Prime Minister was already committed to the G20 talks in Mexico and reiterated the government's commitment to deliver further progress on the UN's sustainable development goals.

Green campaigners argue that Clegg could bolster his environmental credentials and help stimulate green growth if he gave his MPs a free vote on an amendment to the Energy Bill that would see a decarbonisation target introduced immediately.  A number of Tory and Lib Dem MPs are expected to rebel against the government, but it remains unclear if a sufficient number of votes can be secured to pass the amendment.

So a rising tide of positive support - This is excellent news and very well received I am sure.  In truth though it's a pity our leaders have been so slow to voice this support after the election promises.  Now, what are they going to do about the rather muddy and unclear radical green policies to which they refer and what are they going to do to check the carbon dinosaurs in govt and big six power companies - I look foreword to seeing what, but in the mean time lets keep soling (smiling).

If you could ask the govt to do just one thing, what would it be ??