David Cameron supports renewable's on Indian trade mission

The Prime Minister has again underlined his support for green technologies during a major trip to India where he is attempting to drum up business for the UK.

David Cameron is in India with a group of more than 100 businesses, including a number of green companies and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker.

Asked if he thought governments were doing enough to boost the green economy -

"All over the world governments are not doing enough," he said. "We are not on track to deal with climate change and make sure our policies are sustainable."

"It can be done and the argument we have to have right across the world is to try and prove to businesses and our people that this is actually a growth agenda," he said. "It's not a miserable agenda of low growth and no growth."

"These new green technologies, whether it is waste recycling or power - because there are no carbon emissions - these are growth items and green tech jobs are growing faster in our economy than many other parts."

He concluded that unless larger economies pursue a green growth agenda, efforts to combat climate change will fail.

His comments echo those made in a speech by him earlier this month, in which he warned the UK has no choice but to prioritise investment in renewables and energy efficiency if it wants to compete in the "global economic race". .It also reflects a recent increase in comment and commitment from Obama