Farmers increasingly go for renewable energy


Farmers are well placed to adopt renewable technologies especially solar given that most have non income earning roofs and reasonable electrical demand.  Coming from farming stock, I know they are very smart when it comes to spotting a good opportunity when it comes knocking !!

The National Farmers Union (NFU) estimates that during 2012 one in five of its members produced clean electricity, offering a vital revenue stream during what was the worst year for crop yields and productivity since the 1980s.

"2012 was a difficult year for the farming community, with bad weather hitting incomes hard," said Dr Jonathan Scurlock, NFU chief adviser for renewable energy and climate change. "Investing in renewable energy provides farmers with additional earnings at a time when budgets have become very stretched."

The NFU has advised 1,550 farms on installing renewable energy since it launched a year ago, with the vast majority of enquiries concerning wind and solar, which tend to have more eligible sites than other technologies - and offer better returns.

Great potential for agriculture to have at least one long term reliable income stream and will not involve long hours and lots of risk.  You don't even have to get beaten by the supermarkets - could it be any better ?  One catch has been capital, but reliable companies such as guess who, Caplor have specialist relationships to help spread the cost and gain the capital tax benefits.