Investor's demand higher environmental performance and reporting

A snap shot of increasing awareness
Its really encouraging to keep reading how big business is really getting how acting upon climate and social threat is going to give them both immediate and long term benefit and so this increasing investor expectation that companies will report on actions will hopefully further inspire action.

Business leaders at the world's largest listed companies are this week facing growing pressure from investors to embrace environmental best practises, following the launch of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting season and the publication of new research showing shareholder support for environmental resolutions is on the rise.

The CDP announced that it has kicked off its annual disclosure season, writing to over 5,000 public companies around the world requesting information on their carbon emissions and climate change strategy.
Significantly, the group said that the number of institutional investors supporting the annual requests for information has increased 10 per cent to 722 separate investors, meaning that the initiative is backed by institutions with $87tr of assets under management - equivalent to around a third of the world's invested capital.

Last year, over 80 per cent of the Global 500 companies responded to CDP requests for information and the group is seeing growing numbers of organisations around the world provide data on their emissions performance.