Manufacturers need more support to win share of green opportunity

As they say, ''success is a journey not a destination''.  More then for our govt to do, this time we need a clearer mandate and support for our manufacturers.  Policy makers and economists have mostly agreed that we need less imports (our own clean energy) and more exports (the goods described below fit this bill).  The report suggests that a more positive policy and support is required to give the UK the chance that it has to be amongst the global leaders in this industry. 

UK manufacturing output of low-carbon goods is "faltering", according to a major new industry report that warns the UK is in danger of missing out on a green growth opportunity worth £880bn to the economy through to 2050.

The report from the EEF manufacturers' trade association cites figures from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) that show that, while the total UK market for low-carbon goods and services grew 4.7 per cent in 2010/11 to more than £122bn, low-carbon manufacturing output contracted slightly.
The performance is in stark contrast to that of the green manufacturing sectors in the US, China, India and South Korea, all of which recorded double-digit growth over the same time period.

The report, entitled 'Tech for Growth' delivering green growth through technology' warns this slowdown could jeopardise the UK's position as the world's sixth largest producer of low-carbon goods and mean that the country misses out on the green growth opportunity.

The report also has positives and welcomes the government's plan to undertake a review of Enhanced Capital Allowances and calls for ministers to ensure the tax breaks are tailored to better target low-carbon technology investment.