MEP's get the balance right on carbon trading

Following on from this mornings post.  Great news that should encourage all our business to start thinking of a cleaner and lower emission based future.

The committee of MEPs referred to this morning has approved a plan to bolster the EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS) by withholding 900 million carbon credits from auction until a later date.

The vote was passed 38 to 25 with two abstentions by the influential Environment Committee, a slightly larger margin of victory than initially expected.

EU climate action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard called the result "convincing" and a "clear positive vote" for the proposal, which had been opposed by coal-rich Poland.
The so-called back loading plan will now be considered by the European Parliament in April. If the parliament approves the plan the number of credits being auctioned would be substantially reduced from the autumn.

This is fabulous (thanks David) news and will help give clear policy guidance to industry in it's energy and emission plans for the future.  See it through EU - we all know and agree it is the right thing for our combined futures.