Global Solar Forecast – steady growth in unsteady times

Despite the struggles experienced by the industry over the past few years, global solar installations still managed to grow, mainly due to Germany defying expectations and installing 7.6 GW in 2012. Final installation numbers are still trickling in and it looks like the global installations for 2012 will be in the 30-32 GW range. Forecasts for 2013 suggests installations at 34.5 GW.

Low module prices (overall module prices dropped by roughly 30 percent in 2012) have continued to drive installations, though prices began to stabilize around November 2012, with Tier-1 spot prices increasing from around 0.65/W to 0.67/W currently.  The European levy on imported panels could see this price rise further in the short term.

So we need to encourage our Govt's to see sense and not allow political interference to have a negative impact on one of the few proven global economic growth sectors.  We also need to hope in the UK that our policy on FIT reduction is reviewed and declines are changed to reflect number of installs and not dates as is currently the ultimate case.