Putting climate change at the heart of the planning system

In our county - Hopefully now taken out of context, one of our local councillors recently commented that ''sustainability was a word that he was heartily sick of''  This seems quite incredible given that climate change has been globally accepted as the defining challenge of our age and that commercially it represents one of the only obvious sectors showing growth and gives genuine choices over energy issues and trade deficits. 

But having not heard the comment first hand I am mindful to agree that people do seem a bit fast to rush to the word without always, dare I suggest a clear definition of what is implied or motivation for it's use.

So great at least that the issue has been reviewed lengthily at least in a planning context - do we agree with the findings however ?

In a recent speech in the House of Lords during the examination of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, Baroness Hanham referenced the Planning and Climate Change guide.

The Baroness highlighted the Government's expectation that planning should help meet the objectives of the Climate Change Act 2008.  Planning has an important role in tackling climate change and making the transition to a low carbon economy.

Friends of the earth commented ''It's vitally important that local authorities ensure that their plans are developed with communities and tackle climate change head-on.''

From - Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Planning Advisor at Friends of the Earth