Walmart number 1 for corporate American Solar

It's really encouraging and inspiring to see the worlds biggest companies really getting the environmental agenda and particularly the value that Solar can so easily add to companies by simply making use of idle roof space.

Walmart's installation of solar on 12 store rooftops is the largest solar commitment ever made by a retail business in Ohio. At more than four and a half megawatts, it represents almost a tenth of all the solar installed in Ohio currently.

It is exciting to see that Walmart's solar arrays will also eliminate 5,500 tons of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of taking the emissions of 1,152 cars off the road each year," Green Energy Ohio Executive Director Bill Spratley stated.

Walmart’s goal is to be powered 100% by renewable energy. The United States EPA Green Power Partnership program ranks Walmart as the largest onsite solar power generator in the U.S.

"Walmart continues to forge new ground as the  number 1 corporate solar user in America,"

They make a sound ethical investment, customers think more highly of them, they thus get more trade and people like us speak positively about supermarkets for a change giving free advertising - what could be better ?