Panel levy discussion with Anthea Mcintyre

Just had a great morning with Anthea Mcintyre who is our area MEP.  We discussed the renewable industry and some of the impacts of EU intervention in addition to wider developments in the industry.  Look forward to seeing you again.

One of the significant issues is that UK and European solar suppliers and customers are facing confusion over supply and pricing because of European Commission moves to require the registration of all solar products imported from China  that may lead to a future levy payment.

From early March importers of solar modules, cells and solar wafers must specify at customs whether the products were imported from China or were produced mainly in China. Importers may pay duties on these products if retroactive measures are imposed by the EC.

The Commission will announce in early June whether to apply provisional anti-dumping duties and by early August on whether to impose preliminary countervailing levies. The duties would apply for five years. If tariffs are imposed, they can be collected 90 days retroactively, therefore from March 2013.

So if you are purchasing Solar PV - ensure that your quote is for ''levy paid'' panels or you may face a price rise and or delay in supply.  Of course, this is what you will receive from Caplor.