Solar Group Urges EU to Oppose China Anti-Dumping Tariffs

Let's protect the environment, our kids

Great news - Bl ***y politicians are again trying to confuse people in their efforts to control energy bills and do their bit to help mitigate the massive issues surrounding climate change.  This time it's the turn of the EU officials (but they do come from our respective countries - we vote them in)  who even though they have the same issues as the UK - energy price rises and opportunity to use renewables to stimulate growth, they wish to pick a fight with the chinese over panel pricing.  Constantly challenging the industry to reduce costs and then penalising a whole industry when it does.

Going forwards the fundamentals will be the same, renewables will win because despite politicians best efforts they have to - for the protection of society, the environment and to protect individuals and business pockets from the ever rising cost of energy............

European Union member nations should oppose proposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels that may hinder free trade and market growth, the U.K.’s Solar Trade Association said.

The provisional tariffs will increase the cost of photovoltaic panels imported from China and other countries and slow growth, the lobby group said in a statement.

“These duties, if imposed, will damage the U.K. solar market, particularly the large scale ground-mount sector,” Paul Barwell, its chief executive officer. “This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the U.K.’s commitment to both free trade and the environment by urging the other member states to vote ‘no’ to these duties.”

The European Commission plans to introduce levies of as much as 67.9 percent by June 6 to punish Chinese manufacturers for selling panels in the 27-nation bloc below cost, a practice known as dumping.

“The duties will actually result in a net reduction in EU solar jobs, restrict the growth of the solar market, and damage Europe’s chances of meeting its 2020 renewable targets,” Barwell said, urging the U.K. government to vote against them.

I hate to say it - prices will go up if this goes through.  Returns will still be good and as stated fundamentals remin intact. But why not help us and the planet and lobby against this proposal. Here's a link to find the contact details.