Inspiring and being inspired by the next generation - Eco-School activity day

Given the pressures we face as a society on energy and climate issues today the outlook for our children is currently pretty dire on both fronts.  A conservative arm of our Govt and even our two local MP's do not appear to ''get it'' going against good business, public opinion, economic logic and scientific conclusion and demonstrated this aptly in this weeks energy bill discussion by voting against an amendment to include carbon targets.  So it was reassuring at least to see our local council promoting the agenda and over 150 children actively engage in the activity we were so proud to be a part of.

Caplor Energy was delighted to be involved in the first Herefordshire Eco-School activity day this week: over 13 schools participated in activities which demonstrated a range of environmental issues from sustainable transport to healthy food to water conservation. Youngsters at the Caplor Energy trailer were fascinated to learn about how solar energy works, why it is important and what action they can take around their school. 
The enthusiasm for energy conservation demonstrated by the children is really encouraging for the future of our environment and it is apparent that many schools are playing an active role in fostering this enthusiasm. Children were keen to tell us how they conserve energy at school, for example by using sensor activated lights, reminders to turn off appliances with some schools having heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar panels.

We hope the children went away with a greater understanding of why renewables are important and perhaps even inspired them to lobby their schools for clean, green energy!