Why choose Caplor ?

Social media and communication - one would think that for the past 8-9 million years that human kind has been around that we have not communicated and that in recent years something has been ''discovered'' - surely logic says not, it is by our interaction, combined human spirit and the realisation that we can work better as a team than as individuals that has led to such a ''succesful'' species.

But our evolution and all our inventions has perhaps led us to believing a little too much of our own rhetoric and not remembering that we are part of the global system - one that is far larger than our own, yet one through rather reckless short term ism and too much self confidence is leading us to threaten our very own existence...........

Any way a rather long way about saying that in the interest of embracing the communication tools we now have at our disposal to spread why ''good business is good for business(and our ongoing sustained success as a species)'', there are some new video's on our you tube channel you may be interested in