Brits concerned over UK energy dependence

80% of people are worried about the UK becoming too dependent on energy from other countries and want to see a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, a new report has revealed.

Research carried out by a team based at the Universities of Cardiff and Nottingham also found that 74 per cent of people questioned are very or fairly concerned about climate change. The data comes from a series of six in-depth deliberative workshops and a nationally representative survey of 2,441 people conducted by Ipsos MORI and funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC).

The survey shows support for solar and wind remains high, at 85%  and 75% respectively, while 81% would like to reduce their energy use.

This contrasts sharply with the finding that over half would oppose the building of a new nuclear power station in their area, while many expressed concern that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology was merely a continuation of the unsustainable practises associated with fossil fuels.

Keep at it policy makers - help the public by delivering solid reliable policy that will drive green investment and demonstrate that the UK can be leaders in this most vital of endeavours.  As for us the public lets save energy where we can and take the opportunity to invest and generate our own.