Morrisons generating at a store near you

Do you remember physics and maths - those lovely equations ?  well here is one I made earlier that seems to work......

CC + ER + P + SS = E + £ + BFFOK

I'm not going to tell you what the letters stand for - see if you can work in out and let me know.  I may tell you next week.  Bet you see it = £ though !!

Supermarket giant WM Morrison have clearly worked out the equation and has taken a major step forward with plans to curb its carbon emissions after starting a programme to install solar power arrays across the rooftops of its stores.

It was confirmed late last week that they are fitting more than 4.5MW of new capacity on supermarkets and distribution centres.
Recently completing a project of around 1MW in capacity at Morrison's distribution centre in Bridgwater, while another 2MW site at Sittingbourne is expected to be finished by the end of this month.