Welcoming enthusiastic young people

At Caplor we are very pleased to be able to engage with young people and help them with their personal development and career development.  Today we welcome Annabel.
I am Annabel Watkins, and I am on my year 10 work experience.                                                                             
I have chosen to come to Caplor Farm, to gain experience into business; to see what it’s all about. How this business works, and as Caplor have such an array of working environments; it will help me see all the different aspects.
What have I learnt?
So far, after having a tour of the farm and business, I have learnt quite a lot about solar panels and how they use natural resources to create it into usable, renewable energy; also the advantages of using solar panels. All together helping me gain a better understanding of what they do, and how they make a contribution to the environment. Meeting the employees, and what role they have in the business, has given me ideas about what I want to do when I’m older.  
‘Leading a way in providing renewable energy solutions’ – is defiantly what Caplor energy are achieving.