Green Deal assessments - Inspire action !

Although the green deal has been at best somewhat of a ''flop'' to date with just 133 of some 44,000 assessments leading to individuals taking out a loan.  The action resulting from the the assesssment is far more encouraging. 

At Caplor we have consistantly found that once people begin to take an interest in the environment and energy they soon start to realise the benefits of taking action not least the financial wins.

New government figures appear to support ministers' claims that Green Deal assessments are "inspiring" energy efficiency behaviour among consumers, despite the sluggish uptake of the scheme.

Research launched today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) shows 56 per cent of homes undergoing assessments by the end of June have already installed at least one energy saving measure.
The data comes from a suvey of 900 of the 44,000 homes that had Green Deal assessments by that date.
It also finds six per cent were in the process of having instalments and 19 per cent intended to install something.

If you are interested in an assessment or would like to take action on one you have had then get in touch.