Poll: UK energy policy is not green enough

The vast majority of the public would welcome more wind farms and solar panels in their local areas and do not believe the government is being sufficiently ambitious in its efforts to promote green energy, a survey for the BBC has revealed.

As many as 84 per cent of the 1,035 people polled by ComRes would support more solar panels in their local area, while 67 per cent would back wind farms. By contrast, just a third said they would support fracking for shale gas in their area, while 48 per cent said they would oppose drilling activity.
The majority of respondents said they would still oppose fracking even if communities are offered compensation, which suggests government plans to offer areas hosting rigs upfront payment of £100,000 per drill site and one per cent of revenues from production may not be sufficient to avoid protests similar to those seen at Balcombe, West Sussex, this summer.

The survey confirms nuclear power also remains relatively unpopular - exactly half said they would oppose building more nuclear stations in the UK and around two-thirds said they did not want a new nuclear reactor in their area.

In good news for green energy companies, 55 per cent of respondents said they were prepared to pay more for green electricity and 61 per cent thought the government is not green enough when it comes to energy policy.