Renewable share over 12% of UK energy in last quarter

The sun may be going down on this summer, but don't fear, the energy generation stats are out !! 
Never mind queueing up for the latest version of Grand theft Auto this is riveting and exciting stuff.  Joking aside -The great news is that at the end of last quarter, total renewable energy supply was over 12% of total UK production.  Link to full article below, but here is the news on Solar.

''Solar photovoltaics (PV) capacity increased by 261 MW
during 2013 Q1, due to the continued high uptake of the
GB Feed in Tariff scheme, as well as 29 MW of new
capacity accredited on the Renewables Obligation.
Solar PV capacity stood at 2.0 GW at the end of 2013
Q1, increasing its share to 11 per cent of all renewables capacity.''