N Power join SSE and British Gas in rising your bills

It is amazing just how regular these energy price rises are becoming.  We have been warned repeatedly over the years that an energy crunch would come.  Now year after year we appear to be actually living through the reality of those predictions with news of impending power shortage, the need for extreme energy extraction methods, new generation systems and oh yes ever rising energy bills and LOTS of political jousting . 

Prices have risen profoundly over the past few years and once again this year just ahead of rising consumption through the colder winter season we see the majors rising prices.  If ever you needed yet another reason to join the energy revolution and start reducing consumption and perhaps even generate your own energy then here it is.

Npower become the latest energy company to increase its domestic energy prices, announcing rates will climb 9.3 per cent for electricity and 11.1 per cent for gas from the start of next month.

The move follows similar announcements from SSE (8.2%) and British Gas (over 10%) and was blamed on a combination of rising wholesale gas costs, increased network costs and higher costs associated with government energy efficiency and renewables policies, such as the Energy Company Obligation. 

Join the energy revolution - Reduce your use and substitute it with your own generation.  Ask Caplor how - whats the advertising cliche, oh yes ''simples''