Conservative MP and cross party report, calls for more investment not less - UK missing huge and obvious benefits

A Conservative MP has called for the government to expand its investment in energy efficiency schemes, even as rumours continue to circulate that the Chancellor is poised to cut insulation programmes in the upcoming Autumn Statement.

Oliver Colvile is co-author of a new report which concludes that UK businesses are missing out on huge economic and environmental opportunities because senior executives do not understand the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.
The report follows a six-month, cross-party enquiry chaired by Colvile and Labour's Lord Whitty that concluded businesses and households still faced significant financial barriers that stopped them investing in energy efficiency improvements.

Colvile said in a statement that far from watering down such measures, the government should be instead upping its investment in energy efficiency.

"The need to increase the resilience of our businesses against the threat of climate change, and energy price volatility could not be greater," he said. "The obvious cost savings, coupled with improved productivity that can be realised from energy efficiency, makes it quite clear that now is the time to invest on a large scale. To do that requires government intervention - to raise awareness, guarantee low cost loans, stimulate the market and incentivise the landlords."