World Energy Statistics 2013

Forget J K Rowling - this is a real page turner.  Do you think I may be exaggerating.......  Actually if you are interested in energy and that is pretty much all of us, then there is some very interesting and easy to digest info in this publication.  One graph simply showing pretty much a doubling of global energy demand since the 1970's !

The 2013 edition of the Key World Energy Statistics – the International Energy Agency’s free, easy-to-consult reference tool – is now available for download. Published each year since 1997, the booklet presents the most important figures on production, transformation and consumption of energy in more than 140 countries, with global and regional overviews.

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 lists 16 different headline statistics for every country, from total energy supply to electricity consumption per capita to CO2 emissions per unit of gross domestic product. The colourful publication also provides comparisons to 1973, illustrating the changing global energy map in pie and fever charts for every subject from total primary energy supply to the shares of oil products then and since and by region.