US government to triple renewable energy use

America yet again showing commitment to climate, energy and good business sense.  Come on UK Govt your rhetoric is in danger of leaving us behind and doomed to dirty expensive energy.........

Barack Obama has ordered the US federal government to almost treble its use of renewable energy within seven years, as part of the latest phase of his administration's Climate Action Plan.

The President yesterday signed a memorandum instructing US federal agencies to boost their use of renewable energy from seven per cent currently to at least 10 per cent in 2015, 15 per cent in 2016/17, 17.5 per cent in 2018/19, and 20 per cent in 2020.
The targets build on an existing goal for the US military, which has seen the Defense Department commit to generating a quarter of its energy from renewables by 2025

The White House said the new goals would "reduce pollution in our communities, promote American energy independence, and support homegrown energy produced by American workers".