Cameron acknowledges extreme weather linked to climate change

Happy new year to you all. I hope you have had a great Christmas break and are now looking forward to 2014. 

Its a great time for reflection and it appears that our PM is no different on that front.  Not long before the break he was alleged to have wanted to ''get rid of all that green ---p''  but on holiday reflection he has perhaps recalled the parties and his, green promises and reflected on the 97% probability that ''we'' are responsible for climate change and in a blunt manner, if we do not sort it out we are in for an exceedingly challenging and expensive future.

The first Prime Ministers' Questions of the New Year saw climate change back at the top of the political agenda, as David Cameron revealed that he "very much suspects" increased incidents of extreme weather are linked to climate change.

In comments that will anger some of his climate sceptic colleagues, the Prime Minister acknowledged that climate change was likely to be contributing to an increase in extreme weather experienced by the UK and underlined his commitment to the Climate Change Act and the government's Green Investment Bank.
Responding to a question from Lib Dem President Tim Farron in which he asserted that there was "no doubt" climate change was having some impact on extreme weather and urged Cameron to commit to climate change targets, the Prime Minister stopped short of confirming that he would block any changes to the current fourth carbon budget when it is reviewed this year.

But he insisted the government was "committed to carbon reduction targets" and had taken steps to ensure that they are met, such as the launch of the Green Investment Bank.

I am not sure what is more unpredictable - our weather or our politicians.................